Relationship Development Intervention &

Masgutova Method

Amy Lukos
Certified RDI Program Consultant/MNRI

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Amy Lukos is a Certified RDI Program Consultant operating Essential Elements, a private Consulting business. I started my training in 2003 and now I am in my 9th year of re-certification. Training was provided by Connections Center by Dr. Gutstein and Dr. Sheely. I co-authored “My Baby Can Dance, written by Dr. Gutstein and other wonderful RDI Consultants. I am a State of Illinois provider for the children and adult waiver programs..

The RDI Program is a parent based clinical treatment program where parents are provided the tools to effectively teach Dynamic Intelligence.  Dynamic Intelligence provides us the tools to successfully solve complicated problems, prioritize multiple demands, carry on meaningful relationships and achieve long term goals. People that have been diagnosed with autism, aspergers, social delays, or parents that need to strengthen their relationship with their child can benefit from this program. Parents are taught to be competent guides to their children. Recent research indicates RDI has the potential to exert a powerful impact on children.

Masgutova Method is a program that focuses on the Neurosensorimotor system. The techniques integrate primitive reflexes, primary movements, coordination systems and skills to enable optimal functioning, development and learning. Primitive reflexes are automatic, stereotyped movements, directed from the brain stem and executed without cortical involvement. They are essential for the baby’s survival in the first few weeks of life. The primitive reflexes should have a limited life span. If these primitive reflexes remain active beyond the 6-12 months of life, they are said to be aberrant and they are evidence of a structural weakness or immaturity within the central nervous system. Prolonged primitive reflex activity may also prevent the development of the succeeding postural reflexes. Postural reflexes emerge to enable the maturing child the ability to interact effectively with his environment. Primary motor activity is the source of sensorimotor and cerebral development, which in turn becomes the foundation for future intentional movement, learning and further intellectual development. Many psychologists and educators recognize that an infant’s cognitive development depends on motor movement. If these reflexes do not mature as they should, it can lead to visual, auditory, cognitive and social issues. These systems are meant to work as a team to develop cognitive functioning.

This technique can be used with children and adults. Reflexes can become dysfunctional due to chronic stress, trauma, congenital diseases or non congenital diseases.. MNRI can be used to treat autism, cerebral palsy, visual issues, auditory issues, stress and anxiety, PTSD, pain, and many other dysfunctions.