Relationship Development Intervention,
Masgutova Method / Touch for Health

Amy Lukos

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The RDI Program is a parent based clinical treatment program where parents are provided the tools to effectively teach Dynamic Intelligence. Dynamic Intelligence provides us the tools to successfully solve complicated problems, prioritize multiple demands, carry on meaningful relationships and achieve long term goals. People that have been diagnosed with autism, aspergers, social delays, or parents that need to strengthen their relationship with their child can benefit from this program. Parents are taught to be competent guides to their children. Recent research indicates RDI has the potential to exert a powerful impact on children.

Masgutova Method is a program that focuses on the Neurosensorimotor system. The technique integrates primitive reflexes, primary movements, coordination systems and skills to enable optimal functioning, development and learning. Primitive reflexes are automatic, stereotyped movements, directed from the brain stem and executed without cortical involvement.

A reflex is a response of the nervous system. It is a unit of nervous system functioning, a unit for protection and survival, and a unit for neuro-plasticity. It is a support for neuro-immune, a language and means for sensory-motor integration. If reflexes do not integrate after a trauma, we can have issues such as sensory processing, vision issues, auditory issues, anxiety, depression, loss of balance, memory loss, PTSD, …….

MNRI helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve balance and posture, improve sensory issues, improve vision and auditory issues and improve memory and cognitive. Integration of reflexes calm the nervous system, facilitates circulation, immune system and lymph flow. It will decrease fears and the fight or flight system. The sensory system calms down, the motor system becomes automatic and the cognitive system improves.

Touch for Health is a concise, hands-on-health maintenance system utilizing postural and energetic balancing techniques of applied kinesiology in a holistic model of wellness. Touch for Health uses Neurolymphatic, Neurovascular, acupressure points, spinal reflexes, origin and insertion of muscles and meridian lines to balance the body. Touch For Health uses the muscles as a biofeedback mechanism. Muscles are where the body/mind interaction takes place. Blood flow, lymph flow, organ function, hormonal balance, mood, posture and attitude are all affected because they are all intricately connected.