Understanding Dynamic Intelligence
Amy Lukos
Certified RDI Program Consultant


Experience Sharing (ES) is the essence of human communication.  The goal of ES is to share with another person
ES is a combination of words, the way they are said (prosody), looking at and reacting to others body language, facial expressions, gestures etc.   It requires us to coordinate and constantly monitor our actions with others and make on-going adjustments within the interaction.

Appraisal is the way that we assess a situation and decide the best way to respond based on the information available to us at the time and our own personal needs and goals.  We decide what information about the situation is relevant to us at the time. 
Appraisal is subjective – there is no absolute ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ solution.  Children learn appraisal skills from referencing and experience sharing with their parents

Self awareness is having a sense of personal identity and an understanding how your emotions and actions impact you and others.  It is the ability to engage in effective self-evaluation and analysis.  It requires you to constantly monitor your actions and use self-regulation strategies to achieve greater emotional awareness and control. 

EM is a representation we form of an event in our lives, strongly anchored by emotional appraisal.  It is used to anticipate our future and learn from our past.  It connects the emotions we experienced, the facts we remember from the event and our understanding of our involvement in what happened.

Creative Thinking is the ability to integrate information from different sources and situations and formulate “good enough” and best-fit solutions to real-life problems.  This takes the ability to shift gears and think in shades of gray, not black and white thinking. It is the ability to formulate new strategies when prior strategies do not work and to improvise when exact resources are not available.

Communication is more than talking. Through communication, people share experiences, thoughts and ideas.  Thoughtful reciprocal communication enables people to pass ideas through others, gain different perspectives, and expand upon what is known beyond solitary experience.